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History Poem

Swimming pool

This was the old Olympic size swimming pool guests came to soak in and the local children learned how to swim. The pool was closed and filled in around the mid-1980s. To answer the most commonly asked question, “No, Aunt Dolores is not a movie star.”

The lodge

The lodge (aka the money pit) in the 1960s.

Motel units

The back of the motel units in the 1960s and the hot well that still heats the buildings today.

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Grandpa Rose, Ken and Curtis Rose

Grandpa Rose, Ken and Curtis Rose.

E.E. Rose

E.E. Rose, who built Surprise Valley Mineral Wells in the early 1950s.

Ken Rose

E.E. Rose's son, Ken Rose Sr. (aka “GRANDPA” Rose).

Rose family gathering

The Rose family gathering in the open lodge that used to overlook the old indoor swimming pool prior to renovation.